Who are we ?

Jad de Villeneuve

Jad, composer, pianist, singer.

Erawan de Villeneuve

Erawan, composer, multi-instrumentist, singer.

Music is a journey”

BrokenTale has been created by 2 composers, Jad & Erawan de Villeneuve.

We compose for movies, documentaries, video games, ads and also for the BrokenTale band.

BrokenTale’s music is wide ranging, from world music to symphonic, cinematic and even heavy rock.

Our latest releases are listed on our video page and in our news page.

After strong classical music schooling, composition and creation was a natural progression for us as we put together our talents to form to the BrokenTale band.

Little by little we built our own studio as a tool of creation, a unique place where everything that could be needed for the process of creating would be at hand.

And so, starting with just a single piano and bass guitar, the studio matches our needs with a broad array of intruments and recording tools, for both the analog and digital worlds.

Our albums explore various universes as fantasy, science fiction, anything epic and cinematic which is a key ingredient of BrokenTale’s spirit. For our fisrt project, 2 artists joined the team: an illustrator, Gaël Gonzales and a writer, Dassaïd, who started to create incredible drawings & stories of the Legend of BrokenLand.

All our music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify Deezer

You can contact us for professional projects here,

You can follow us on our YouTube Official Channel, our Facebook Page , our Instagram and our Twitter handle.

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