The First Adventure

A Universe made of an infinity of worlds, once bound… yet now they are split and scattered.

Closed minds, rejection of the others, acceptance of inaction and the death of curiosity… those are guilty for driving individuals apart, breaking the thirst for discovery and shattering creativity. Thus a grave was to be dug, a grave without limits filled by the people that chose to deny each other’s existence.

Nevertheless, at the core of obscurantism and darkness, live men and women who are questioning. No matter which home world they belong to, their age, their gender, their culture and belief, they have the feeling that something is not right, that there is more to the world than what they were raised to know.

Let us journey from one world to another, silent observers of these unlikely heroes and adventurers, of their dreams and challenges, for they might be the ones who shall tear off the veils between realities.

Story by Dassaïd ©2012-2015 BrokenTale, for the album BrokenLand.

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