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Machine UrbaineLatest releases

Machine Urbaine

– Machine Urbaine, original soundtrack for Charivari, a short movie directed by Lucas Rullier, music composed, recorded and mixed by us in our studio. The movie will be aired shortly in 2017. Listen “Machine Urbaine” on Deezer – The Beast, video and music by us, shot at Les Chroniques de Kandorya, music composed, recorded and […]

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The Arrow of TimeVideogame soundtrack – The Arrow of Time

The Arrow of Time

Notre album  est disponible à la vente sur iTunes, Amazon et sur toutes les plateformes de streaming.   The Arrow of Time, is the music of a video game called Deep Space Reflections. Listen “The Arrow of Time” on Deezer

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Interview de BrokenTale

Scriiipt: “Je suis un piètre chroniqueur musical… Tout ce que je peux vous assurer, c’est que quand j’aime,  j’écoute en boucle. Et plus la musique me donne des frissons, et plus je sais qu’elle est bonne. Il y a peu de temps je suis retourné sur le MySpace du groupe BrokenTale… Et tout en naviguant […]

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logotea8Interview de BrokenTale


    Interview de BrokenTale par Yannick Ragot de Test entre amis.  

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Independent Music Awards

Here are the latest news… Voici les dernières news… Voici le mail que nous avons reçu : “Finally, after months of anticipation, the votes have been tallied and the Judge-determined Winners in The 12th Independent Music Awards are ready to be announced. As always, IMA honors are awarded for the totality of artistic excellence based […]

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Kenny SeraneKenny Serane

Kenny Serane

  Nous avons eu le plaisir d’avoir la participation de Kenny, guitariste professionnel de talent , sur notre album BrokenLand. Il a créé le French Guitar Contest. Il évolue dans plusieurs formations, Blues, Jazz, Flamenco… Il est également intervenant pédagogique pour le site Guitar Live. Son site !

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Solvis represents the community of The CaveThe dancers in our Horizon video

Solvis represents the community of The Cave

To view the pics, clic on the title 😉

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Horizon Videoclip

The Cave, The Cliff and The Lake are 3 parts of our scattered world, BrokenLand. In an attempt to communicate, 3 delegates meet and dance together, representing their own culture and history. Through the dance on an Ancient Song -Horizon- sung by Jad in the Old Language, let’s try to see if a link can […]

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BrokenTale – Sundog

Organic Videoclip handmade in France by BrokenTale © 2012. A sundog is a natural phenomenon that can be seen in the sky by a beautiful weather. This song, the 14th track of our album BrokenLand is an ode to beauty that one can find everywhere in nature and around us. Just open your eyes… BrokenTale

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BrokenTale Ballad Trailer

A world of peace and beauty ! BrokenTale Ballad is an Ode to love and tolerance. All the pics have been taken by BrokenTale. The music is BrokenTale Ballad, the 4th track of BrokenLand, BrokenTale’s last album.

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