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Horizon Videoclip

The Cave, The Cliff and The Lake are 3 parts of our scattered world, BrokenLand. In an attempt to communicate, 3 delegates meet and dance together, representing their own culture and history. Through the dance on an Ancient Song -Horizon- sung by Jad in the Old Language, let’s try to see if a link can […]

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BrokenTale – Sundog

Organic Videoclip handmade in France by BrokenTale © 2012. A sundog is a natural phenomenon that can be seen in the sky by a beautiful weather. This song, the 14th track of our album BrokenLand is an ode to beauty that one can find everywhere in nature and around us. Just open your eyes… BrokenTale

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BrokenTale Ballad Trailer

A world of peace and beauty ! BrokenTale Ballad is an Ode to love and tolerance. All the pics have been taken by BrokenTale. The music is BrokenTale Ballad, the 4th track of BrokenLand, BrokenTale’s last album.

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BrokenTale Trailer, Horizon

Welcome to the Fantasy of Brokentale’s Music ! A universe with an infinity of worlds, that were linked and now are split and scatter. BrokenTale, a new music that makes you travel between worlds.

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BrokenLandPremière aventure


  De la musique est né le conte ! Pour l’album BrokenLand. Un univers d’une infinité de mondes, autrefois liés, maintenant scindés et dispersés. La fermeture d’esprit, le refus de l’autre et de ses idées, l’acceptation de l’immobilisme, la mort de la curiosité, autant de choses qui devaient séparer les individus, éloigner les esprits, annihiler […]

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  Guillaume is the drummer of many bands like Utopium, Norma Loy, Quantum Doloris. He also collaborates to other projects like Seeden,Yann Reversat… We are proud of his participation to this BrokenTale project – BrokenLand – on the following titles: Block N°5, Spy, Meta and Night. Guillaume est le batteur du groupe Utopium, également de […]

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BrokenTale - BrokenLand - SylSyl

BrokenTale - BrokenLand - Syl

  Syl is a Parisian Singer whose voice can have the sweetness of chocolate but also the power of a lion. We are proud to feature her on the title Block N°5, for our album BrokenLand. Syl est une chanteuse Parisienne dont la voix a la douceur du chocolat, mais également la puissance d’une lionne. […]

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Hello World !

This is the blog section of our website. You’ll find there all the informations about the band, the music, the lyrics and so on ! Enjoy ! Voici le blog de notre site. Vous trouverez toutes les informations sur le groupe, la musique, les invités, notre univers.

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