Independent Music Awards

Here are the latest news… Voici les dernières news…

Voici le mail que nous avons reçu :

“Finally, after months of anticipation, the votes have been tallied and the Judge-determined Winners in The 12th Independent Music Awards are ready to be announced. As always, IMA honors are awarded for the totality of artistic excellence based on originality, musicianship, musicality, vocals, recording quality, etc.

The extraordinary entries submitted from nearly 80 countries and 7 continents made the nominating process quite a challenge. So imagine the difficulty judges then had in selecting winners in all categories. In fact, there was a tie in the Music Video Short Form category!

Your nominated work in The 12th IMAs was exceptional, placing BrokenTale among an incredible group of independent talent from around the world whose artistry truly enhances the global music scene.

Merci aux Independent Music Awards, thank you♥

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